Dan Golf PicThe Forged By Fire Foundation seeks to be a network of traumatic injury survivors and service providers that provide resources and mentorship to recent and legacy survivors of traumatic injury and limb-loss/paralysis. We endeavor to seek out and assist people whose lives have been impacted by a serious physical injury. Examples of which would be car crash survivors, veterans, survivors of animal attacks, assault victims, severe sports related injuries and anyone else who has survived a severe physical injury to their person and who seek to rise above those injuries to have an active life.

We also seek to come along side anyone who has suffered from the loss of a limb(s). Whether it be through birth, amputations due to cancer or accidents or paralysis, the Forged By Fire Foundation is here to provide mentorship, support, resources for recovery and prayer. By coming together to share our individual triumphs after severe injury, we’re able to offer processes and ideas that may not come to someone in the thick of recovery.

We sincerely hope that no one tries to recover on their own. Coming back from a severe injury is difficult, made all the more so by a medical establishment that often looks to drugs rather than aggressive physical therapy as a means of addressing the pain and loss of mobility that patients complain of.

If you or someone you love is going through any significant rehabilitation due to an injury, please share this page with them. If this person is struggling mightily to bounce back from a severe physical injury, please don’t hesitate to use our contact page to reach out for advice. All contact is confidential.